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The United Nations plans to set up an expert group to discuss the Countermeasures of marine plastic waste

SourceChina Oceanic Information Network

In order to address the marine litter and microplastic issues, the United Nations plans to set up an expert group for the first time to discuss specific methods and alternatives and countermeasures.

It is reported that the expert group will discuss about various aspects including making a legally binding international treaty. It will also analyze the issues such as the performance, cost and popularization of plastic substitutes, summarize relevant countermeasures and suggestions, and strive to put forward effective countermeasures to the countries with serious problems.

The United Nations will decide on the members of the expert group based on the recommendation of governments and hold several meetings a year. In 2019, we will report on the results of the panel discussions at the fourth UN Environment Assembly.

Statistics show that every year, the amount of plastic waste that flows into the ocean due to human activities is estimated to be 8 million tons to 12 million tons, which has seriously affected the marine ecological environment.